Date File Change
2005-12-18   Glossary.html, AppendixG.html, AppendixK.html   Finished them.
2005-12-17   AppendixH.html, AppendixB.html, AppendixD.html, AppendixE.html   Finished them.
2003-05-27   StandaloneUtilProgs.html   Finished StandaloneUtilProgs.html. Will look at AppendixH next, though I may skip it.
2003-05-26   SysGen.html
  Finished SysGen.html, did ColdStart.html, and started StandaloneUtilProgs.html.
2003-05-25   MonitorSystemLibrary.html
  Finished MonitorSystemLibrary, did AppendixC, and started SysGen.html. I expect there to be corrections to MonitorSystemLibrary as I and others check it out.
2003-04-27   All HTML files   Added shortcut icons to all files
2003-02-08   ProgTipsAndTechniques.html
  Finished ProgTips, started MonitorSystem. Started using table groups, which seems to have caused problems in IE 5.5. (sigh)
2003-02-03   AppendixA.html
  Created dm2.css and completed AppendixA.html with it. Will now retrofit CSS to the other existing files, and will use it in future.
2003-01-15   MonitorPrograms.html
  Finished the first pass through MonitorPrograms and started AppendixA.
2002-10-19   MonitorPrograms.html   Started this section.
2002-10-18   SysFamiliarization.html, DiskOranization.html, MainIndex.html   Created MainIndex.html and did all the pages in the previous files. From here on in, I'll index each new page as I add it, so MainIndex.html will be in continuous flux.
2002-10-14   SysFamiliarization.html, DiskOranization.html   Completed SysFamiliarization.html, started DiskOrganization.html
2002-10-12   DM2 manual   Started conversion of this manual. Created the cover page, started OCR tasks. Added Preface, TOC, Introduction, began System Familiarization. TOC.html will be modified almost continuously to keep up with pages being added.

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