The 1130 Disk Monitor System provides for the continuous operation of the 1130 Computing System, with minimal set-up time and operator intervention, in a stacked job environment. The Monitor system consists of seven distinct but interdependent elements -- Supervisor, Disk Utility Program, Assembler, FORTRAN Compiler, Core Load Builder, Core Image Loader, and System Library.

The Supervisor performs control functions for the Monitor system and provides the linkage between user programs and Monitor programs.

The Disk Utility Program (DUP) is a group of IBM-supplied programs that performs operations involving the disk such as storing, moving, deleting, and dumping data and/or programs.

The Assembler converts source programs written in Assembler language into machine-language object programs.

The FORTRAN Compiler translates source programs written in 1130 Basic FORTRAN IV language into machine-language object programs.

The Core Load Builder constructs core image programs from mainline object programs. The mainline programs and all necessary subprograms are converted into Disk Core Image format from Disk System format, and the resultant core load is built for immediate execution or for storing for future execution.

The Core Image Loader serves as both a loader for core loads and as an interface for the Monitor programs.

The System Library is a group of disk-resident programs that perform I/O, data conversion, arithmetic, disk initialization, and maintenance functions.

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