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Absolute Program Origin36
Achieving maximum performance of high speed devices50
Adding subroutines57
Altering a core location using the console entry switches8
// ASM19
Assembler Calling Sequence for SYSUP70
Assembler control records36
Assembler core map53
Assembler error detection codes91
Assembler error messages92
Assembler FILE statement23, 54
Assembler language users, tips for51
Assembler messages91
Assembler sample program149
Assignment of core load origin46
ATTENTION indicator (2501)60
Auxiliary supervisor errors103
Backspace9, 60
Call system print subroutine71
Card core image format (CDC)113
Card data format (CDD)112
Card formats111
Card operation (assembler)35
Card subroutine errors58, 59
Card system cold start83
Card system format (CDS)111
Card system initial load74
Card system pre-load73
Card system reload77
Cartridge ID11
Change cartridge ID62
Character code chart105
CIB14, 19, 46, 63
Cold start83
Cold Start error message83
Cold start program listing138
Compilation error messages92
Compilation messages92
Console functions while under monitor system control9
Console printer core dump85
Console printer ready procedure3
Console printer subroutine errors60
Control records 
Conversion of a mainline program (core load builder)44
Copy (DCIP)86, 88
Copy ID11
CORE card75
Core communications area17
Core dump program24
Core dump programs 
 Console printer85
 1403 Printer85
 1132 Printer85
Core image buffer14, 19, 46, 63
Core image buffer, deletion of63
Core image header46, 110
Core image loader45, 47
Core image program dump114
Core load builder45
Core load builder errors100
Core load construction45
Core load origin, assignment of46
Core map20, 53
// CPRNT22
Cross reference listing (resident monitor)139
Cylinder 0 (non-system cartridge)15
Cylinder 0 (system cartridge)12
Data cards112
DCOM indicator words13
DCOM listing127">127
DCOM update program70
Decimal disk addresses117
Decreasing program execution time when using SOCALs49
Defective cylinder table11
Define end record (MODIF)65
Define fixed area33
Define void assembler34
Define void FORTRAN34
Defined files, use of54
*DELETE33, 55
Delete core image buffer63
Deleting the assembler and/or compiler34
Disk cartridge initialisation program85
Disk communications area12
Disk copy program63
Disk core image format (DCI)110
Disk data format (DDF)110
Disk dump86, 88
Disk formats109
Disk I/O subroutine18
Disk maintenance programs61
DISKN18, 20, 36, 46, 48, 49, 71
Disk organization11
Disk-resident supervisor programs18
Disk storage unit conversion factors115
Disk system format (DSF)109
Disk utility program26, 45
DISKZ14, 18, 20, 36, 46, 49, 71, 133
DISKZ listing133
DISK118, 20, 36, 46, 48, 49, 71
Displaying a core location using the console entry switches8
Double buffering50
DSF program dump114
Dump (DCIP)86, 88
DUMP entry point17
Dump system location equivalence table62
DUMPFLET Sample126
DUMPLET sample125
DUP20, 26, 45
// DUP20
DUP control record format28
DUP control records26
DUP error messages96
DUP messages95
DUP operations28
Duplicate data file names55
Duplicate program names55
Dynamic dump24
// EJECT21, 50
End-of-program card112
Entering programs from the keyboard under monitor system8
EOP card112
Error message on sector IDAD11
Error messages, MODIF66
Error table listing91
EXIT entry point17
FEED check indicator (2501)60
Fetch phase ID subroutine71
Fetch system subroutine71
Fetching a link (core image loader)48
Fetching the supervisor (core image loader)48
File map53
*FILES14, 23
Fixed area15
Fixed location equivalence table14, 26, 30, 33, 123
FLET14, 26, 30, 33, 123
FLIPR47, 71
// FOR20
Format conversions (DUP)26
Format indicator word13
FORTRAN allocation addresses, locating54
FORTRAN calling sequence for SYSUP70
FORTRAN compiler40
FORTRAN control records40
FORTRAN core map53
FORTRAN DEFINE FILE statement23, 54
FORTRAN file map53
FORTRAN I/O errors44, 99
FORTRAN I/O logical unit designations40
FORTRAN I/O record sizes40
FORTRAN messages and error codes92, 94
FORTRAN sample program145
Grouping of mnemonics (assembler language)51
Hexadecimal disk addresses117
HOPR indicator (1442)58
IBM-supplied system loader control cards75
IBM system area12
ILS51, 52
ILS entry point52
ILS header card112
ILS02 listing132
ILS02 subroutine17, 52
ILS04 listing132
ILS04 subroutine17, 52
Incorporation of subprograms in a core load46
Information transfer (DUP)26
Initial load, card system74
Initial load, paper tape system79
Initialization (DCIP)86, 87
Initializing $$$$$ files for use with FORTRAN unformatted I/O54
Initiating a new page on the principal printer19
INT REQ key9, 18
Intermediate I/O (assembler)51
Interrupt level subroutines52
Interrupt request key9, 18
Interrupt service subroutines51
ISS header card111
ISS/ILS correspondence52
ISS names57
ISS numbers51
ISS subroutine WAITs103
// JOB18
Keyboard input44
Keyboard operation8, 36, 60
Keyboard subroutine functions60
Last card58, 60
LET14, 26, 29, 123
LET disk format123
LET DUMP format123
LET entries123
LET sector header123
Limitations of DISKZ49
LINK entry point17
List deck format38
Load mode control card74
Load mode control tape, user-punched79
Loading a program from cards or paper tape8
*LOCAL14, 22
LOCALs46, 53
LOCAL/SOCAL flipper47, 71
LOCAL/SOCAL overlay46, 71
Location equivalence table14, 26, 29, 123
Mainline header card111
Mainline programs that use all of core55
Manual dump of the monitor system9, 24
Master cartridge11
Maximum number of LIBFs and CALLs in a core load45
MODE74, 80
MODIF error messages66
MODIF system reload table restriction64
Monitor control record analyser18
Monitor control record analyser errors99
Monitor control records18
Monitor programs17
Monitor system disk areas13
Monitor system error messages91
Monitor system ISS names57
Monitor system library57
Monitor system operational messages91
Monitor system sample programs145
*NOCAL14, 23
Non-system cartridge15
One-pass mode (assembler)35
Operating notes (FORTRAN)43
Operator procedures, 1442 errors58
Operator procedures, 2501 errors60
Optional tracing (FORTRAN)43
Origin of mainline36
Page heading12, 42
Paper tape formats113
Paper tape IDs79
Paper tape not-ready WAITs (PTUTL)68
Paper tape operation (assembler)36
Paper tape reproducing program89
Paper tape subroutines (error procedures)60
Paper tape system cold start83
Paper tape system initial load79
Paper tape system reload81
Paper tape utility (PTUTL)67, 89
Patch control records (MODIF)64
// PAUS21
Phase identification card75
PHID Card75
Postoperative error traps17
Pre-load, card system73
Preoperative error trap17, 36
Preoperative errors57
Print cartridge ID61
Print data format (PRD)113
Print format113
Printer core dump85
Processing defined files (Core load builder)46
Processing the contents of the SCRA45
Program header record109
Program loading8
Program phase sector break cards77, 112
PROGRAM STOP key trap18
Program subtypes109
Program types110
Programming tips and techniques49
PTUTL67, 89
PTUTL console entry switch options69
PTUTL operating procedures67
PUNCH indicator (1442)59
PUNCH STA indicator (1442)58
Punch symbol table option35
Quintuple (DCOM table)13, 19
READ CHECK indicator (2501)60
Read *ID record71
READ REG indicator (1442)59
READ STA indicator (1442)59
Reading the console entry switches under user program control8
Reading a core map53
Reading a file map53
Readying the 11303
Readying the 1130 system I/O 
 console printer3
 single disk storage3
 1442-6, -73
Reconfiguring a system cartridge77, 81
Re-entry (keyboard)9, 60
Reload table12, 64
Relocatable program origin36
Removing subroutines57
Reproducing program, paper tape89
Resident image12, 128
Resident image listing128
Resident monitor17
Resident monitor listing127, 128
Restrictions on DUP operations in temporary mode13
Restrictions on keyboard/paper tape assembler input36
Restrictions on subroutines in SOCALs49
Rules for LOCAL and NOCAL usage23
Sample programs145
Satellite cartridge11, 15
Satellite disk initialization program61
SCON card75, 80
SCRA14, 18, 20, 44
Sector break cards77, 112
Sector @ IDAD (0) of any cartridge11
Single disk storage ready procedure3
Skeleton supervisor17
SLET12, 143
SLET listing143
SOCAL options47
SOCALs46, 47, 49, 53
Stand-alone paper tape utility program (PTUTL)89
Stand-alone utility programs85
*STORE30, 55
Subprogram header card111
Summary of DUP data transfer operations27
Supervisor17, 45
Supervisor control record area14, 18, 20
Supervisor control records22
Supervisor core dump program24
Supervisor messages and error codes99
Symbol table overflow35, 39
Symbol table size35
System area12
System cartridge11, 12
System configuration cards74
System configuration tape, user-punched79
System control record program errors100
System device subroutine area13
System familiarization3
System generation73
System ISS names57
System library57
System library listing119
System library mainline programs61
System library maintenance65
System library maintenance control record (MODIF)65
System library subroutines57
System library utility subroutines70
System loader control cards 
System loader control records79
System loader errors98
System loader messages97
System location equivalence table12
System location equivalence table listing143
System maintenance program64
System overlays (SOCALs)46, 47
System program maintenance64
System reload73
System reload, card system77
System reload, paper tape system81
System working storage19
SYSUP13, 50, 70, 100
SYSUP errors100
Table of equivalences137
Temporary mode49
Temporary mode indicator19
Temporary mode indicator word13
// TEND21
TERM card75, 80
Terminal dump24
TRANS indicator (1442)58
Transfer vector47
Two-pass mode (assembler)35, 37
// TYP8, 21
Type 81 card75
Unformatted disk I/O record size40
Unformatted I/O disk buffer area19, 40, 54
Use of defined files54
Use of SOCALs49
User area14
User-punched load mode control tape79
User-punched system configuration tape79
User-punched system loader control cards74
Using the disk I/O subroutines49
Using the 1130 with the monitor system8
Utility programs, stand-alone85
Utility subroutines, system library70
Working storage area15, 19, 46
Working storage indicator word13
Write sector addresses in working storage63
Writing addresses in working storage34
Writing ISS51
Writing ILS51
WS15, 19, 46
// XEQ20
1055 Paper tape punch ready procedure4
1130 system familiarization3
1132 printer core dump85
1132 printer ready procedure5
1134 paper tape ready procedure4
1231 optical mark page reader ready procedure7
1403 conversion subroutines51
1403 printer core dump85
1403 printer ready procedure6
1442 card punch ready procedure4
1442 card reader ready procedure3
1442 card subroutine errors58
1442 errors and operator procedures58
1627 plotter ready procedures7
2310 disk storage ready procedure6
2501 card reader, achieving maximum speed50
2501 card reader ready procedure4
2501 card subroutine errors59
//b records read during execution of a FORTRAN program40
// *(comments)21
**(Header information)42
$$$$$ disk area19, 54

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