Date File(s) Change
2013-03-07 TOC.html Corrected entries for 1442 Card Reader
2013-01-09 global, starting with EORinstr.html Start adding meta data
2012-11-22 Console.html Web server statistics showed a pair of links to a document, "Keyboard.html", which doesn't exist. Corrected the links.
2006-12-01 EORinstr.html The opcodes for this instruction have been corrected. Thank you, Richard T. Stofer.
2006-01-31 TOC.html There IS no "level-s" interrupt! Good catch, Brian.
2005-12-18 CPU.html Revised figure 4 to try to make it easier to read. If this doesn't work, I'll rebuild the graphical version.
2005-12-15 OIO.html, System7.html Indexed this file, and rebuilt OIObaudchar from figure 78. It should now be readable too!
2005-12-13 SCA.html Finished indexing this file, and rebuild figure 78. It should actually be readable now!
2005-12-13 CPU.html Corrected some typos and OCR "o"s.
2005-03-08 AppendixA.html Corrected cardcode values. It seems the 7th edition document I used is mistaken. Brian Knittel of corelated it with the emulation routines and other documents to find the problem.
2004-04-11 DisplayUnit.html, SAC.html, figure69.gif Update for indexing. Rebuilt Figure 69 to make it readable.
2004-04-10 Plotter.html, OMPR.html Update for indexing.
2004-04-04 PaperTape.html, Printers.html Update for indexing.
2004-03-21 Cards.html Update for indexing.
2004-03-14 DiskStorage.html Update for indexing.
2004-03-13 IOInterrupts.html Update for indexing.
2004-03-13 various instructions, ChangeLog.html Updating instructions docs for indexing. Put this document into reverse chronological order to make it easier to get to the new stuff.
2004-03-09 CPU.html, TOC.html, CPUinstructions.html, MainIndex.html Split CPU Instructions intro section out of CPU.html. Update other documents to match. Might be difficult on anything linking in. Hm.
2004-03-08 CPU.html, MainIndex.html Update CPU Functional Characteristics chapter for indexing.
2004-03-08 Introduction.html, MainIndex.html Update Introduction chapter for indexing.
2004-03-06 AppendixA.html Rebuild Appendix A to be easier to read, at the cost of sacrificing similarity with the original manual.
2004-03-05 Console.html, MainIndex.html Started reworking Console.html, in part so I can index it better. In the process of doing this, the state of MainIndex became intolerable, so I munged it some. It may require more munging as there were too many regexp-based replacements with too little thought involved too late in the day.
2003-04-27 all HTML files Added a shortcut icon to all pages.
2003-02-23 System7IOCCSenseInterrupt.gif Corrected sense data. Was "000", is now "011" like it should be.
2002-05-08 System7.html Corrected some OCR errors ("I" != "1")
2002-05-08 navigation.html Added the link to the new ChangeLog
2002-05-08 ChangeLog.html Created this file as a list of changes in case someone wonders if it was always like that or if it changed, and when.

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