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This instruction sets or resets the carry and overflow indicators. Bits 14 and 15 of the instruction set or reset the indicators as follows:

  Set or Reset
Bit 14 Bit 15 Carry Indicator Overflow Indicator
0 0 reset (=0) reset (=0)
0 1 reset (=0) set (=1)
1 0 Set (=1) reset (=0)
1 1 set (=1) set (=1)

This instruction is not valid in the long format. If an attempt is made to execute a load-status instruction in which the F bit = 1, the instruction is still treated as a short-format instruction by the system.

A load-status instruction is usually the core-storage word addressed by a store-status instruction. The load-status instruction is subsequently executed before a return to the routine originally interrupted — the routine whose status was stored by the store-status instruction.

Core storage is not addressed as a result of execution of a load-status instruction.

Indicators: The carry and overflow indicators are affected as described under the description of this instruction.


Load Status

Assembler Language Coding Hexadecimal Value Description of Instruction
Label   Operation   F T    
21 25
27 30
  32 33   35..40..
    LDS         0 2000 Set CARRY and OVERFLOW indicators OFF
    LDS         1 2001 SET OVERFLOW ON and CARRY OFF
    LDS         2 2002 Set OVERFLOW OFF and CARRY ON
    LDS         3 2003 SET CARRY and OVERFLOW indicator ON

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