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Short and Long format of instruction


This instruction is valid in the short format only. When a wait instruction is executed, the CPU stops in a wait condition and can be restarted manually or by an interrupt. A manual restart (operation of the program-start key) causes resumption of the program with the next sequential instruction; an interrupt causes resumption at a point determined by the interrupt branch operation (executed at the end of the interrupt subroutine). Cycle stealing operations for transfer of data to or from main storage continue and are not affected by the wait condition.

Indicators: The carry and overflow indicators are not affected by execution of the wait instruction.


Branch and Store Instruction Address Register

Assembler Language Coding Hexadecimal Value Description of Instruction
Label   Operation   F T    
21 25
27 30
  32 33   35..40..
    WAIT           3005 WAIT until manual start or an Interrupt occurs
  bits 35 through 42 are immediate data, use to be determined by the programmer

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