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A, accumulator symbol30
A instruction51
ABL, enable, indicator122
AC indicator122
access mechanism
 single disk storage drives129
 2311 Disk Storage Drives131
access time
 single disk storage drives129
 2311 Disk Storage Drives131
accumulator (ACC)20
accumulator extension (Q)20
accumulator extension indicator122
accumulator indicator121
AD instruction53
add double instruction53
ADD indicator122
add instruction51
address, direct14, 16
address displacement (2250)166
address, effective, generation10
address field (in instruction)14
address field (IOCC)101
address, generation, exceptions18
address generation (long instruction)14
address, indirect, bit11
address (instruction register specified)10
addresses (core storage)8
addressing, instruction, summary16, 17
AFR (arithmetic factor register)24
alarm on/off switch125
alphabetic coding (1231)157
alphameric keyboard (2250)163
AND, logical, instruction67
Appendix A. Character Codes192
applications and programming1
area code (IOCC)102
arithmetic factor indicator121
arithmetic-factor register (AFR)24
arithmetic instructions51
AS indicator122
backspace key (console keyboard)119
BFR (buffer loaded) indicator122
binary synchronous communications (BSC)171
bit, sign (in a word)5
bit transfer sequence173
blank detection (1231)157
block check characters (BSC)179
BOSC (in interrupts)110
BOSC instruction90
branch (forced CPU, interrupt)104
branch and store instruction address register94
branch instructions90
branch or skip on condition90
 special programming179
BSI instruction94
buffer (1231)155
buffer loaded (BFR) indicator122
 single disk storage drives133
 1231 161
 1442 139
 1627 153
 2250 166
 2311 Disk Storage Drives131
 2501 141
 core storage8
 single disk storage drives2, 127
 2311 Disk Storage Drives2, 127
card feeding
card input/output devices135
card, last, sequence (1442)137
card/paper tape programming system1
card punching (1442)137
card read punch135
card reader (2501)140
card reading
card throughput (2501)141
cards per minute (1442)135
carriage busy
carriage channel (1403)151
carriage channel 12 (1403)151
carriage control channels (1132)148
carriage home (disk)129
carriage interrupt (1403)150
carriage skipping
carriage spacing
carry and overflow indicators22
carry indicator (set for reset by LDS)49
cartridge, disk2, 127
case, upper (console printer)116
cause of interrupt109
CCC (cycle control counter)24
central processing unit and core storage2
CES (console entry switches)124
chain, print (1403)149
channel interface (2250)163
channel, storage access (SAC)168
channel, tape (1403)149
channels, carriage control (1132)148
character code (paper tape)143
character codes7, 192
character mode (2250)163, 166
character phase (CP) indicator122
characteristics of CPU4
 control (BSC)177
 control (STR)174, 175
check bit chart
 single disk storage drives129
 2311 Disk Storage Drives129
check stop (1231)161
checking, data (disk)129
CLK (clock) indicator122
 area (IOCC)102
 character (paper tape)143
 function (IOCC)102
 line transmission (4 of 8)172
 character7, 192
 illegal op122
coding, data
columns per second (1442 punch)135
commands, I/O control, defined
    (see also input/output control commands)
communication data flow173
complement (two's)6
condition register indicator123
 display panel121
 entry switches124
 function lights and switches124
  data coding116
  programming considerations117
console/keyboard switch125
console mode switch123
control (IOCC), defined
 paper tape144
 single disk storage drives129
control characters
 STR174, 175
control commands, I/O (defined)100
control, direct program101
control operations
control sequences
control tape (1403)149
core storage2
 cycle times2
 locations (reserved)9
 times (core storage cycle)2
correction, error, routines (disk)134
count, shift (see shift count)
CP (character phase) indicator122
CPU (central processing unit)2
 data flow25
 forced branch (interrupt)104, 107
 functional characteristics4
    (see also instructions, CPU)
 usage meter126
CSL (core-storage location) symbol30
cycle (I1, I2, IX, E1, E2, E3) indicator123
cycle-control counter (CCC)24
cycle control counter indicator123
cycle steal101
 check interrupt (2250)166
 mode (SAC)168
 priority168, 184
cycle-steal priority168
cycle times (core storage)2
cylinder (disk)128
D instruction64
data capacity
 core storage8
 disk storage2
data (character codes)7
data checking (disk)129
data coding
 console printer114
data error
 single disk storage133
data flow
data formats4
data in (DI) indicator122
data loss183
data organization (disk)128
data saved for interrupted program109
data sheet terminology (1231)154
data transmission (BSC)179
delay, rotational
 single disk storage129
detect interrupt (2250)166
device address (IOCC)102
device code (IOCC)102
device field102
device priority183, 184
device status word
 console printer116
 single disk storage133
 1134/1055 145
devices (I/O) list of3
devices, cycle steal184
DI (data in) indicator122
direct addressing (IA bit = 0)14
direct program control101
direct program control (throughput)183
discrimination, mark (1231)155
disk monitor programming system1
disk storage drives127
  single disk storage129
 cylinder schematic128
 data checking129
 data organization128
 device status word
  single disk storage133
 disk access mechanism
  single disk storage129
 disk cartridge127
 disk check bit chart129
 disk pack127
 DSW indicators, single disk storage133
  carriage home133
  data error133
  disk busy (R/W or carriage)133
  disk not ready133
  operation complete133
  sector count131
 DSW indicators, 2311133
  carriage home133
  data error133
  disk busy (R/W or carriage)133
  disk not ready133
  operation complete133
  sector count131
 I/O control commands, single disk storage131
  initiate read131
  initiate write132
  sense device133
 I/O control commands, 2311131
  initiate read131
  initiate write132
  read check132
  sense device133
 programming considerations134
 sector numbers128
 timing, 2311131
 usage meter134
disk unlock light124
DISP (display core storage) mode123
 DISP (displacement) symbol30
 range of13
display copier (2285)167
display core storage (DISP) mode123
display panel, console121
display unit (2250)163
displays (2250)163
divide instruction64
document path (1231)155
document selected (1231)160
double precision5
DPC (direct program control)101
drive (disk storage)2, 127
drum, pin-feed (1627)152
DSW (see device status word)
DSW sense IOCC, defined102
EA (effective address) symbol30
effective-address generation10
effective address generation (exceptions)18
emergency pull switch125
enable (ABL) indicator122
end of field (EOF)119
entry switches, console124
entry, manual124
EOF (end of field) key119
EOR instruction71
ERASE FIELD key (console keyboard)120
erasures (1231)155
error check (1442)139
error check (2501)141
error-correction routines (disk)134
examples, (instruction, format of)30
exceptions to effective address generation18
exclusive-OR instruction71
execute I/O instruction100
execution (instruction) times26, 27
expanded displacement40
exposure to loss of data183
EXT (accumulator extension)20
extended binary coded decimal interchange code (EBCDIC)8
extension (accumulator)20
E1 indicator122
E2 indicator122
E3 indicator122
F bit10, 11
feed busy (1231)160
feed cycle modifier (1442)137
feeding, card
field checking (1231)157
fields (instruction)10, 11
forced CPU branch (interrupt)104
format bit10, 11
format of instruction examples30
format, data4
 instruction9, 11
 numeric data5
forms check light124
forms control (1132)146
four-of-8 line transmission code172
four-wire operation172
full-transparent text171
function code (IOCC)102
function field (IOCC)102
function lights and switches (console)124
function switches (console)125
functional characteristics (CPU)4
generation (effective address)10
graphic mode (2250)163
gravity stackers (1231)155
half-duplex operation172
head (read/write) disk129
home position (disk)129
hopper (1231)155
hopper empty (1231)160
I (instruction address register) symbol30
I/O devices (list of)3
I/O disconnect (1231)159
I/O interrupts104
I/O, overlapping183
I/O timing requirements185
IA (indirect address) bit11
IA indicator122
IBM System/7
 introduction3, 188
  device status word (DSW)191
  electronic initial program load (EIPL)189
  initiate read189
  initiate write189
  sense device190
  sense interrupt190
IBM 1055 Paper Tape Punch143
IBM 1055 Paper Tape Punch limitations143
IBM 1131 Central Processing Unit2
IBM 1132 Printer146
IBM 1134 Paper Tape Reader143
IBM 1231 Optical Mark Page Reader154
IBM 1316 Disk Pack127
IBM 1403 Printer149
IBM 1442 Card Read Punch135
IBM 1627 Plotter152
IBM 1627 Plotter not ready limitation153
IBM 2250 Display Unit162
IBM 2285 Display Copier167
IBM 2310 disk capacity130
IBM 2310 Disk Storage130
IBM 2311 Disk Storage Drive130
IBM 2315 Disk Cartridge2
IBM 2501 Card Reader139
illegal instructions (op codes)122
ILSW sense IOCC, defined102
IMM (immediate) stop switch125
index register (XR 1, 2, and 3)
 specified11, 14
indicator displays (console keyboard)121
indicators (carry and overflow)22
indicators (carry and overflow) set or reset by LDS49
indicators (program)19
indirect address14
indirect address (IA) bit11
indirect addressing (IA bit = 1)14
initiate read IOCC102
initiate write IOCC102
ink (1231)154
input/output control commands101
 console entry switches124
 console keyboard120
 console printer116
 paper tape144
 single disk storage132
instruction (I/O)100
instruction address indicator121
instruction address register11, 19
instruction address register (IAR)19
 load switch126
 specified by tag bits11, 12
instruction addressing summary16
instruction examples format30
instruction fields10, 11
instruction formats9
instruction times26, 27
instructions, arithmetic51
instructions, branch90
instructions, CPU26
instructions, illegal, op codes122
instructions, shift73
instructions, store and load31
INT REQ key119
INT RUN (interrupt run) mode123
interference (to CPU)186
interrupt level status word110
interrupt, I/O104
 levels indicator123
 mode (SAC)168
 program stop112
 request (console keyboard)121
 run (INT RUN) mode123
 run mode112
 sample program113
 sense IOCC defined102
 vectors9, 107
interruptions to System/7190
interruptions to 1130191
IOCC's (see input/output control commands or specific device)
IX indicator122
I1 indicator122
I2 indicator122
KB select light124
keyboard (console)119
 device status word120
 response interrupt120
keyboard console/keyboard switch125
keyboard interrupt (2250)166
language (programming)1
last card (1442)137
last card (2501)141
last card sequence (1442)137
last card sequence (2501)140
LD instruction31
LDD instruction33
LDS instruction49
LDX instruction39
level-5, special considerations112
level, interrupt107
levels, interrupt, indicator123
light pen switch status (2250)166
lights (functions) and switches (console)124
limitations, program-controlled disconnect feature172
limitations, service request184
line attachment (SCA)171
line transmission code (4 of 8)172
line turnaround (BSC)178
list of I/O devices3
LOAD (load core storage) mode123
load (program) switch126
load accumulator instruction31
load and store instructions31
load double instruction33
load IAR switch126
load index instruction39
load key (1131/1442)137
load mode (1442)137
load status instruction49
load, program
location (interrupt vectors)9
location (1132 printer scan field)9
location restriction (double precision operand)6
locations (core storage) reserved9
logical AND instruction67
logical exclusive-OR instruction71
logical OR instruction69
long (instruction) format9, 11
long-instruction address generation14
longitudinal redundancy check (LRC)176
loss of data183
M instruction62
machine registers (miscellaneous)24
magnitudes of numeric data6
manual entry124
mark (1231)154
mark positions (1231)154
mark recognition and discrimination (1231)155
mark reflectance (1231)156
marking the data sheet (1231)155
master data (1231)160
master line (1231)156
MDX instruction97
message format (1231)155
meter, usage (see usage meters)
miscellaneous machine registers24
 cycle steal (SAC)168
 interrupt (SAC)168
 interrupt run112
 load (1442)137
 receive (BSC)178
 receive (STR)176
 switch (console)123
 synchronize (BSC)179
 synchronize (STR)175
 transmit (BSC)179
 transmit (STR)176
 transmit indicator122
modifier field (IOCC)103
modify index and skip97
modulo 4129
monitor (disk) programming system1
multi-mark (1231)157
multiple response (1231)156
multiply instruction62
multipoint operation (BSC)178
negative displacement14, 15
negative numbers5, 6
no-operation (NOP) instruction74
no-operation command (2250)165
non-reflective ink (1231)154
normal text171
not ready
 single disk storage133
not ready or busy (2501)141
numbers (negative, positive)5, 6
numeric (NUM) key (console keyboard)120
numeric data formats for arithmetic operations5
okay to select (1231)160
one through eight (1—8) indicators122
OP (operation register)24
op codes (illegal)122
operands (numeric), size of6
operation codes (illegal)122
operation complete
 single disk storage133
operation flags indicator 122
operation register (OP)24
operation register indicator122
operation-tag register (TAG)24
Optical Mark Page Reader (1231)154
OR, logical, instruction69
order-controlled interrupt (2250)166
organization (disk)134
organization of instruction descriptions30
overflow indicator22
overflow indicator (set or reset by LDS)49
overlapping input/output operations and throughput183
P (1 and 2) indicators122
panel, display (console)121
paper tape (card) programming system1
paper tape input/output devices143
parity check (1403)150
parity check light124
pen motion (1627)152
phase, character (CP), indicator122
pin-feed drum (1627)152
plotter (1627)152
plotter response interrupt (1627)153
point mode (2250)166
positive displacement13
positive numbers5, 6
power on/off switch125
power sequencing (SAC)170
precision (single, double)5
print chain (1403)149
print check (1403)150
print complete (1403)150
print scan check (1132)148
print speed
print wheel (1132)146
 busy (console)117
 busy (1403)151
 data coding (console)116
 DSW (console)116
 I/O control commands (1132)147
 IOCC's (console)116
 not ready (console)117
 programming considerations (console)117
 response interrupt (console)117
 scan field (1132)9, 146
 speed, console116
printing (1403)149
printing speed (console printer)116
priority, cycle-steal168, 184
priority, device183, 184
priority, interrupt184
processing unit (CPU)1
program control devices186
program control sheet (1231)158
program control, direct101
program-controlled disconnect limitations172
program load
program registers and program indicators19
program run (RUN) mode123
program, sample interrupt113
program start switch125
program stop (interrupt)112
program stop switch125
 BSC, special179
 console keyboard120
 console printer117
 notes (1132)148
 paper tape144
 single disk storage129
 STR, special176
 1627 not ready limitation153
programming (and applications)1
programming language1
programming system (card/paper tape)1
programming system (disk monitor)1
punch (card) read135
punch busy (paper tape)145
punch not ready (paper tape)145
punch response (paper tape)145
punch response interrupt (1442)138
punch, paper tape (1055)143
punched card input/output devices135
punching, card (1442)137
Q (accumulator extension) symbol30
range of displacement13
range of values (numeric data)6
RDY indicator122
read (card) punch135
read busy (1231)161
read-check (single disk storage)132
read-check (2311)132
read command102
 console entry switches124
 paper tape144
 single disk storage132
read emitter (1132)147
read emitter response (1132)147
read error (1231)160
read response interrupt (1231)160
read response interrupt (1442)138
read start (1231)159
read/write head (disk)129
read/write time (single disk storage)129
read/write time (2311)131
reader and system timing (2501)141
reader busy (paper tape)145
reader not ready (paper tape)145
reader, paper tape (1134)143
reader response (paper tape)145
reading, card (1442)136
ready indicator122
receive (REC) indicator122
receive mode (BSC)178
receive mode (STR)176
recognition, mark (1231)155
reflectance, mark (1231)156
reflective ink (1231)154
 index, specified11, 14
 instruction address19
 instruction address specified11
 instruction address, specified by T bits12
 index locations9
report program generator (RPG)1
reserved core-storage locations9
reset display command (2250)165
reset switch126
response (1231)156
restore keyboard (REST KB)119
restriction (double precision operand location)6
rotate right accumulator and extension88
rotational delay (single disk storage)129
rotational delay (2311)131
row (1231)154
RPG (report program generator)1
RTE instruction88
RUN (program run) mode123
run light124
run mode, interrupt112
S instruction56
SAC (storage access channel)168
sample interrupt program113
SAR (storage address register)24
saving data used by interrupted program109
SBR (storage buffer register)24
SC indicator122
scan field (1132)9, 146
scan, print, check (1132)148
SD instruction59
sector count131
sector count (2311)131
sectors (disk)128
segment (1231)154
select stacker (1231)159
sense device102
 paper tape145
 single disk storage133
 1627 not ready limitation153
sense interrupt (SAC)168
sense interrupt IOCC, defined102
sensor based system3, 188
sequences, control175
sequences, control (BSC)177
sequencing, power (SAC)170
service request limitations184
set programmed function indicators command (2250)164
sheet, data (1231)154
shift count73
shift instructions73
shift left accumulator and extension76
shift left accumulator instruction74
shift left and count accumulator78
shift left and count accumulator and extension81
shift right accumulator and extension86
shift right logical accumulator84
short (instruction) format9, 10
short-instruction address generation11
SI (single instruction) mode123
 in add double operation53
 in add operation51
 in divide operation65
 in subtract operation57
single disk storage (in 1131)129
single disk storage, programming131
single instruction (SI) mode123
single memory cycle (SMC) mode123
single precision5
single response (1231)156
single step (SS) mode123
size (IAR)12, 19
size (instruction address register)19
size (of numeric operands)6
skip response (1132)148
SLA instruction74
SLC instruction81
SLCA instruction78
SLT instruction76
SMC (single memory cycle) mode123
sonic delay lines (1231)155
space response (1132)148
special considerations for level-5 interrupt112
special keyboard console programming120
special power sequencing considerations (SAC)170
special programming (BSC)179
special programming (STR)176
specification of IAR11
specification of index register11
 console keyboard119
 console printer116
SRA instruction84
SRT instruction86
SS (single step) mode123
stabilization period (disk)129
stacker (1231)155
stacker select modifier (1442)138
start (program) switch125
start carriage (1132)147
start-of-checking codes (1231)157
start printer (1132)147
start punch modifier (1442)138
start read modifier (1442)137
start regeneration command (2250)164
status word (DSW)110
status word (ILSW)110
STD instruction37
steal, cycle101
STO. instruction35
stop (immediate) switch125
stop (program) switch125
stop carriage (1132)147
stop printer (1132)147
stop, program, interrupt112
storage (core)2
storage (core) addresses8
storage (core) locations, reserved9
storage (disk) organization128
storage (disk) programming131
storage access channel (SAC)168
  initiate read169
  initiate write169
  sense device169
  sense interrupt168
 special power sequencing considerations170
storage address indicator121
storage-address register (SAR)24
storage buffer indicator121
storage-buffer register (SBR)24
storage capacity (single disk storage)128
storage capacity (2311)127
storage cycle times2
storage, disk127
storage drive (single disk storage)2
storage drive (2311)3
store (and load) instructions31
store accumulator instruction35
store double instruction37
store index instruction43
store status instruction47
STR control operations174
STS instruction47
STX instruction43
subroutines, interrupt104
subtract double instruction59
subtract instruction56
summary of addressing concepts16
symbols and orgamzation of instruction descriptions30
sync check (1403)150
synchronize mode (BSC)179
synchronize mode (STR)175
synchronous communications adapter (SCA)171
 device status word181
 DSW indicators181
 I/O control commands181
  initiate read182
  initiate write182
  sense device182
synchronous transmission171
synchronous transmit-receive (STR)171
synchronous transmit-receive operation174
system (card/paper tape programming)1
system (disk monitor programming)1
system programming (1231)159
System/7 sensor based system3, 188
T (0-7) indicators122
T bits11
T bits (specify IAR)12
TAG (operation-tag register)24
tag (T) bits11
tag bits (specify IAR)12
tag bits = 00 (instruction address register)12
tag bits = 01, 10, or 11 (index register 1, 2, or 3)14
tape (paper) specifications143
tape, carriage, channels (1403)149
tape, control (1403)149
tape, Mylar, limitation143
tape, paper, I/O devices143
TC indicator122
temporary accumulator (TAR)24
terminology, data sheet (1231)154
test timing mark check (1231)160
throughput, card (2501)141
throughput, I/O183
timers (SCA)173
times, instruction26, 27
 I/O requirements185
 single disk storage129
timing mark (1231)154
timing mark error (1231)160
tracks, disk128
transfer complete (1403)150
transfer sequence, bit173
transmit mode (BSC)179
transmit mode (STR)176
transmit mode indicator122
transparent, full, text171
TSM (transmit mode) indicator122
turnaround, line (BSC)178
two-wire operation172
two's complement (negative)6
upper case (console printer)116
usage meters
V (value) symbol30
vector, interrupt107
vectors, interrupt, location9
W (wait) indicator122
wait instruction99
WCA (disk)131
WCA (SAC)169
word (CPU)2, 4
word (1231)154
word count address (single disk storage)131
word count address (2311)131
 paper tape145
XIO instruction100
XR (index registers)19
 specified11, 14
X7 indicator122
ZR indicator122
1055 Paper Tape Punch
    (see also 1134/1055 programming)
1055 Paper Tape Punch limitation143
1130 instruction set26
1130 word (definition)4
1131 CPU2, 4
 single disk storage129
 usage meter126
1132 Printer146
 data format146
 device status word147
 DSW indicators147
  carriage busy148
  carriage control channels148
  not ready148
  print scan check148
  printer busy148
  read emitter response interrupt147
  skip response interrupt148
  space response interrupt148
 forms control146
 I/O control commands147
  read emitter147
  sense device147
  start carriage147
  start printer147
  stop carriage147
  stop printer147
 printer scan field (location)9
 programming notes148
 usage meter148
1134 Paper Tape Reader143
1134/1055 programming144
 character code143
 core storage format144
 device status word145
 DSW indicators145
  punch busy145
  punch not ready145
  punch response interrupt145
  reader busy145
  reader not ready145
  reader response interrupt145
 I/O control commands144
  sense device145
 tape specifications143
1231 Optical Mark Page Reader154
 alphabetic coding schemes157, 158
 data flow156
 data format155
 data sheet154, 155
 device status word160
 DSW indicators160
  check stop161
  document selected160
  feed busy160
  hopper empty160
  master data160
  not ready161
  okay to select160
  operation complete160
  read busy161
  read error160
  read response interrupt160
  test timing mark check160
  timing mark error160
 field checking157
 I/O control commands159
  I/O disconnect159
  read start159
  select stacker159
  sense device159
 mark positions155, 158
 mark recognition155
 master mark156
 message format155
 program control sheet158
 timing mark154
 usage meter161
1316 Disk Pack127
1403 Printer149
 control tape149
 data format149
 device status word150
 DSW indicators150
  carriage busy151
  carriage channel 9151
  carriage channel 12151
  carriage interrupt150
  not ready151
  parity check150
  print check150
  print complete interrupt150
  printer busy151
  sync check150
  transfer complete interrupt150
 I/O control commands150
  initiate write150
  sense device150
 maximum printing speed149
 spacing and skipping149
 usage meter151
1442 Card Read Punch135
 card feeding136
 card punching137
 card reading136
 data coding136
 device status word138
 DSW indicators
  error check139
  last card139
  not ready138
  operation complete interrupt138
  punch response interrupt138
  read response interrupt138
 I/O control commands
  feed cycle137
  sense device138
  stacker select138
  start punch138
  start read137
 last card sequence137
 program load137
 programming note139
 usage meter139
1627 Plotter152
 device status word153
 DSW indicators153
  not ready153
  not ready limitation153
  plotter response interrupt153
 I/O control commands153
  sense device153
2250 Display Unit162
 alphameric keyboard163
 channel interface163
 character mode163
 device status word166
 DSW indicators166
  address displacement166
  character mode166
  cycle-steal check interrupt166
  detect interrupt166
  keyboard interrupt166
  light pen switch status166
  order-controlled interrupt166
  point mode166
 graphic mode163
 input/output control commands164
  initiate read164
  initiate write164
  no-operation command165
  reset display command165
  sense device165
  set programmed function indicator command164
  start regeneration command164
 usage meter167
2285 Display Copier167
2310 Disk Storage
    (see also disk storage drives)
2311 Disk Storage Drive
    (see also disk storage drives)
2315 Disk Cartridge127
2501 Card Reader139
 card feeding140
 card reading140
 card throughput141
 data coding140
 device status word141
 DSW indicators141
  error check141
  last card141
  not ready or busy141
  operation complete interrupt141
 I/O control commands140
  initiate read140
  sense device140
 last card sequence140
 program load140
 reader and system timing141
 timing schematic141
 usage meter142

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